Kevin Couliau articulates the beauty of basketball through photographs and films that express the sport's nature, aesthetics, and culture. Inspired by an early love for the game, the Paris-based photographer and filmmaker searches for stories that reveal basketball's impact on individuals and their communities while demonstrating its universality throughout the world.

Couliaus' acute awareness of sociology, urban design, and architecture converge into the composition and content of his works, and in 2012 culminated in the award-winning documentary Doin’ It In The Park, a film exploring New York City's pick-up basketball history, culture, and global influence.

Through his independent publishing house, Asphalt Chronicles, Kevin distills publications celebrating the aesthetics of grassroots basketball culture. In 2022, he revealed Blacktop Memento, fragments of erosion, a collection of 76 playground close-ups studying the game's imprint on these hallowed territories.

When he's not on assignments, Kevin dedicates time throughout the year to Giants Of Africa, a non-profit using basketball to educate and enrich the lives of African youth.

Books & Publications

”Blacktop Memento, fragments of erosion”
published by Asphalt Chronicles & Common Practice - 2022

“When Basketball Inspires” - 2021
published by Trajectoire Studio (featured artist)

“The City Game” - 2020
published by Rizzoli Electa & MCNY (contributor)

“Asphalt Chronicles #03, Paris” - 2017
published by Asphalt Chronicles

“Asphalt Chronicles #02, Dakar” - 2016
published by Asphalt Chronicles

“Asphalt Chronicles #01, Manila” - 2014
published by Asphalt Chronicles


  • 2023
    "Heart of The City"
    commissioned by NYC Parks - The Arsenal Gallery, NYC
  • 2023
    "Remember The Why"
    commissioned by Adidas - Salt Lake City, USA
  • 2022
    ”Blacktop Memento”
    OFR bookstore - Paris, France
  • 2022
    ”House of Moves”
    commissioned by Hennessy - online
  • 2020
    ”The City Game”
    Museum of The City of New York
  • 2019
    commissioned by Trajectoire Studio - Paris, France.
  • 2018
    ”Sphere of Influence”
    commissioned by Jordan - Paris, France
  • 2017
    "Making Peace"
    commissioned by Making Peace - Toronto, Canada
  • 2017
    "Sphere of Influence"
    commissioned by the Mayor Office of Paris 9th district
  • 2017
    "Doin' It In The Park"
    Rush Art Gallery - New York City, USA
  • 2017
    commissioned by Game Seven - W4 st courts, NYC.
Personal Works

The Park is My Church

Penn Playground

New York City, USA

If we take into account the narratives, sacred stories, and spirituality surrounding basketball culture, it makes no doubt the sport should be considered a religion.

The regulars share a lifestyle and beliefs.
All commute on the same universal sanctuary: The Park.

No matter its location, the functions are the same - physical outlet, education, social integration - but its holy dimension resides in its capacity to heal wounds, like an outdoor confessional with a hoop as the priest.

As an active member of this community, I started capturing these heavenly visions in 2004 - from my hometown in France to more than 75 cities across the globe - highlighting the hallowed architecture and landscape of each playground. This endless photographic pilgrimage of mine is my reverence to basketball.

— I’m a believer.

Dockweiler Beach

Los Angeles, California


Kampala, Uganda

Hong Kong

New Territories, Hong Kong

Fort Tryon Park

New York City, USA


Paris, France


New Jersey, USA



Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

CDMX, Mexico


Lagos, Nigeria

Venezia, Italy

Burano, Italy

San Pedro

San Pedro, USA

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Newport beach

Newport Beach, USA

Cape Town green

Cape Town, South Africa


CDMX, Mexico


Toulon, France